Shareholder Services

Avista Corp. common stock can be bought or sold through a broker, bank or financial institution that offers brokerage services. Shares can also be purchased through the Computershare Investment Plan (CIP), a Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan for Avista common stock. The CIP provides an alternative to traditional retail brokerage methods of purchasing, holding and selling Avista Corp. common stock.

Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Avista’s transfer agent, Computershare, sponsors and administers the Computershare Investment Plan (CIP) for Avista Corp. common stock. This plan offers direct stock purchase and dividend reinvestment options and is available to current Avista shareholders as well as new investors. For more information, you may contact Computershare, the plan administrator. To enroll online visit the Investor Centre website

Stock Transfer Agent

Avista's transfer agent, Computershare, is responsible for maintaining all records of registered shareholders. They are available to resolve problems related to unpaid dividends or lost, destroyed or stolen certificates. Computershare can also facilitate changes of address or certificate holder information. If you need to change your records pertaining to the stock, please contact Computershare at the address and phone number below, or send your request via the Investor Centre website

Computershare Contact Information

Toll-Free Phone Number


Online Inquiries

Regular Mail
P.O. Box 43006
Providence, RI 02940-3078

Courier Delivery
150 Royall St., Suite 101
Canton, MA 02021 


We are pleased to offer to our shareholders the benefits and convenience of electronic delivery, including:

  • Immediate receipt of the Proxy Statement, Annual Report to Shareholders and related materials
  • Elimination of bulky documents for personal files
  • Reduction of the Corporation's printing and mailing costs associated with more traditional delivery methods
  • Online proxy voting

Beneficial Shareholders Click Here
You are a Beneficial Shareholder if you maintain your position in the Company within a brokerage account.

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